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Certified Auto Specialist for quality car auto parts – the best automotive supplier for your automobile

About Us

Unlike many businesses, we don’t skimp on technology. Our entire staff has access to online tools that enable us to diagnose and service your car more accurately with quality and efficiency.

Vital Katok is a Certified Auto Specialist for quality car auto parts striving to deliver the best for your automobile. We are a team of five specialists, diversely for speed, working by leveraging the technology behind recycling and control arms for cars to provide the best customer experience possible. Our aim is to work in collaboration with various car service stations to offer quality with guarantee and satisfaction.

1.Problem: When the factories have made the melting of control arms for car They throw to atmosphere 400 000 tonn of the heavy metals and connected metal oxides.It pollute to the environment of planet.

2.Vital Kotok make this process clear for ecology of Planet.


From car modification to car parts and repair, we do it all.


From brake to transmission repair, reliable for all your automobile needs

Dedicated to customer satisfaction

Katok recycles automotive parts manufactured by auto manufacturers with the exact finish in their model and make. Our products and services are recognized for meeting customer expectations. We employ multi-step quality control procedures and sophisticated technology to provide efficient service to our customers all over the USA.


15 years in recycling and control arms for cars

Your best option for recycling and control arms for cars is Katok because our experience in car accumulators & control arms regeneration makes all the difference. Katok is recognized for its pioneering spirit and passion for keeping everything aligned. With your repair shop, you can set up a routine maintenance schedule and design a budget for the necessary work.

Car auto parts and car modification services

By guaranteeing safety and durability, providing economical solutions, and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Katok produces precise and high-quality car auto parts and car modification services. Katok strives for perfection to provide every client and customer with the best possible experience.

Save the earth,water, air, and space!

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Our Projects


As licensed auto specialists, Vital Katok strives to give you extensive auto parts & related services in the nation since. We are always in our capacity to deliver high-quality services you can trust. Through Competitive prices paired with certified technicians and customer satisfaction, we ensure that drivers can get what they need in their time of need. Choose Katok because

  • Experience in car auto parts
  • Excellence in car accumulate & control arms regeneration
  • Technical automotive experts
  • Competitive prices
  • High-quality service